Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome to Davar Acher


  1. Shalom Chevre,

    What a great forum to engage in with other Jewish educators from around the globe. I grew up at Ramah New Enland (my kids will be 4th generation this Summer). The Tikvah program was eye opening and life changing for me as a camper and counselor and has informed much of my work as a Jewish educator integrating multiple intelligences, learning styles, mixed age learning, and sensory processing into all of the formal, informal, and experiential learning communities I facilitate. Please let me know how I can be a resource to this group and I look forward to learning from all of you.

    -Devora Yellin Brustin
    Senior Jewish Educator
    Texas Hillel, Austin, TX
    (part of the Jim Joseph Foundation grant for Hillel)

  2. Shalom Devora-
    Just wanted to respond to your comment and let you know that I'm part of this group. I'm so happy you're making an important contribution to Jewish education.
    Lisa (Isaacman) Micley

  3. I have to say, I'm loving seeing how the group has experimented, reflected, refined and evolved. And now a blog. WONDERFUL!



  4. Mazal tov! So exciting to see you gather in so many different spaces. It's like a huge, rollicking picnic on an infinite lawn.

    Looking forward to more!



  5. To Devorah and others,

    Great to see your comments about Tikvah. If you'd like to hear more about where we are in our 40th year, feel free to contact me at:; go to the special needs link and also check out our blog!